Eneko Cruz Elejalde

Building a DIY Baseband Debugger from Scratch


Building a DIY Baseband Debugger from Scratch shows how the author went from purchasing a phone to building a baseband debugger from scratch and using it to insert breakpoints and live debug a baseband chip. Such a debugger can be used on other baseband chips and extended to other architectures, as long as certain prerequisites are met. Design decisions as well as problems encountered along the way are explained and solved. To demonstrate the debugger, a cellular base station is brought on stage and used to deliver a GSM message to the target baseband, after which the message is read from memory using the novel debugger.


Eneko has a Computer Science background but got interested in computer security really early in his life. He had obtained his OSCP by age 16, and paid for his Erasmus expenses with 0days. Eneko is currently loving his work at Exodus Intelligence as a vulnerability researcher and his past employers include CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research and SEC Consult. Eneko is also a private pilot and loves aviation just as much as vulnerability research. When offline, he can be found flying small airplanes around Europe, skiing or scuba diving.