C0V1D - Regulations

The following rules are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for us all.

The conference will follow the rules and regulations in accordance with the health authorities guidance for events in Berlin.

  • Only vaccinated or recovered individuals are permitted to enter the conference and training areas.
  • The accepted vaccines in Germany and therefore Offensivecon are the following (the relevant authority in this matter is Paul-Ehrlich-Institut):

    • BioNTech/Pfizer
    • Moderna
    • AstraZeneca

  • Official vaccination certificates will be checked every day before entering conference and training areas.
  • In addition to vaccination certificates, you are required to present a negative PCR or antigen test every day during the trainings and conference in order to access the venue.
  • Antigen tests have a 24 hour validity period, while PCR tests have a 48 hour validity period.
  • A rapid antigen testing site will be set up at the Hilton lobby for your convenience free of charge. We encourage you to use this testing site for the daily testing requirement.
  • We are required to scan antigen and pcr tests QR codes for proof of validity and/or check the test with an official proof of ID.
  • Masks are mandatory throughout the conference and training sessions unless for eating or drinking.
  • A person suffering from any symptoms (regardless of being vaccinated and or recovered) will not be able to access the conference areas.
  • Any person caught faking certificates will be banned from the conference, any subsequent conference, and reported to local authorities.
  • National and regional rules and regulations are changing constantly and therefore the conference organizers reserve the right to change, add or remove these policies accordingly.
  • Any person that does not meet these requirements will not be allowed into the conference and/or training.
  • *** Due to a recent change in German law, the Janssen vaccine is only valid if you also have an additional shot of one of the other approved vaccines and 14 days have passed since the second shot. ***

Ticket Cancellation and Refund

  • Tickets will be refunded if the cancellation reason is due to a travel ban by the government of Germany or your country of residence. In this case, refunds will be allowed even after the 10th of January with a 2.5% processing fee.
  • Please see the terms and conditions and cancellation policy for further information here: https://tickets.offensivecon.org/offensivecon20-2/page/terms-and-conditions/