C0V1D - Regulations

The following rules are in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for us all.

  • Entrance
    • Only vaccinated or recovered are able to enter the conference and training areas - Official certificates will be checked upon registration onsite.
    • Temp checks will be conducted during the conference.
    • Any person that does not meet these requirements will not be allowed into the conference areas.
    • A person suffering from any fever condition ( regardless of being vaccinated and or recovered ) will not be able to access the conference areas.

  • During your Stay
    • Any person caught faking certificates will be banned from the conference, any subsequent conference, and reported to local authorities.
    • Any person that meets all the above requirements, will not be required to wear a mask in the conference areas. However, a mask might be required in the public areas of the hotel.
    • During trainings, mask policies will be set by the trainer of your course. Either way, you are always welcome to use a mask regardless of the policy set by the trainer.
    • National and regional rules and regulations are changing constantly and therefore the conference organizers reserve the right to change, add or remove these policies accordingly.

  • Ticket Cancellation and Refund
    • Tickets will be refunded if cancellation reason is due to a travel ban by the government of Germany or your country of residence. In this case, refunds will be allowed even after the 10th of January with a 2.5% processing fee. Please see the terms and conditions and cancellation policy for further information here: https://tickets.offensivecon.org/offensivecon20-2/page/terms-and-conditions/